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Natasha Smith Johnson

7th Grade Language Arts Syllabus


Mrs. N.S. Johnson


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I am excited to become apart of the Green Devil Family once again.  It wasn’t that long ago that I too walked these very halls with extreme pride and excitement.  Coming home has been the best and most exciting decision in my teaching career thus far!  I am a product of Iberville Parish Schools.  I’ve been teaching in Iberville Parish my entire teaching career.  Keeping my expertise at home and sharing it with those I love has been one of my personal goals.  This school year I am looking forward to helping each of you grow as Readers and Writers.




Our main focus is to master the 7th grade English Language Arts Common Core State Standards.  These standards will drive instruction on a daily basis.  To improve your reading and writing skills, mastering these standards are of extreme importance.  In our class, you will also be exposed to a variety of genres as well as forms of writing.  The skills that you will embed will assist you greatly as you move throughout your high school and college careers.  Below you will find two links to view both the 7th Grade ELA Literacy Standards and the 7th Grade ELA Writing Standards.




It is important that we are always safe, respectful, responsible, and prepared.  This means that we come to class on time, that we are kind and helpful to one another, we are attentive, we ask clarifying academic questions, we participate appropriately in all activities, we finish our work, and we listen and adhere to all adult requests and decisions.  Classroom Rules, Expectations, and Consequences are posted within the classroom setting as a reminder of what is enforced and expected daily.



No Gum Chewing

No Profanity

Always sit in your assigned seat

No Personal Grooming During Class

Keep hands, feet, and all belongings to yourself




1.  Bring ALL materials to class:                                   

2.  Be seated and working before the tardy bell sounds.

3.  If you have a question, raise your hand… NOT your voice.

4.  Pass all papers to the front of your row. Remain seated at all times!

5.  BE RESPECTFUL!!! Treat others the way you expect to be treated!!!!!!




  1. First Offense = Verbal Warning
  2. Second Offense = Call Home
  3. Third Offense = Parent Conference
  4. Fourth Offense = Referral


** NOTE = Each offense may be different.  Any unwarranted behaviors are offensive.  For example, the first offense may be using profanity.  The second offense may be disruptive talking during instruction.  Since it’s a different offense, the consequence does not start over at a verbal warning. ANY OFFENSE CONCERNING TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICES (LAPTOPS OR PHONES) WILL WARRANT AN IMMEDIATE REFERRAL.


According to IPSB Policy, Cellular Devices are allowed on campuses.  However, the device must remain in the “OFF” position.  This policy is strictly enforced.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE ISSUED HANDBOOK.





Absences:  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missed work.  Students with excused absences will be granted 3 consecutive days to make up work missed.  Any student with an unexcused absence must make up any missed work immediately.  Due to the extent of the assignments, additional time may be awarded at the instructor’s/ administrator’s discretion. 


Restroom Policy:  Ideally, restroom breaks should be taken during transition times.  However, I do understand that some emergencies will warrant frequent or additional restroom breaks.  Any abuse of restroom times may or may not result in facing the above stated consequences.


Homework Policy:  Homework is assigned as a reminder of what has been taught and expected to have been learned within that day.  Please make every effort to complete homework at home.  Points are given for the completion of homework.  In this class, it’s ALL or NONE!  No points will be awarded for partial completion of any work.  Late work is unacceptable.  If work is turned in late, points will be deducted.


Homework will consist of a variety of work including reading, writing, vocabulary, and any assignments not finished during class. Students will are required to write down their homework assignments daily.

Generally, students are expected to practice reading and writing at home for at least 2 hours per week. Each student will be responsible for understanding what that looks like in their own work and how it helps them reach their goals as readers and writers. Students will track their work and progress regularly.

Homework isn't always a specific assignment, but the practice is key! Even if there isn't a worksheet or essay to complete, the reading and writing practice is critical in your overall learning. So every day, even if there is no "assignment," read something! Write something! Study your vocabulary!


Grading Policy:  In this course, everything is graded!!!  Points are easily earned, so it is your responsibility to take advantage of that.  The grading system is as follows:


93 – 100 = A

85 – 92 = B

77 – 84 = C

70 – 76 = D

Below – 69 = F


Grades are entered into the system frequently, please go to the parent portal on the IPSB website and gain access to your grades at all times.


Assessments will be given weekly.  Quizzes may be announced or unannounced at times.  Therefore, preparation for class is very important.


Communication Policy:  All conferences will be held during the teacher’s planning time or after school.    I may also be reached via email at  In addition, any time a student has a question or a problem I am always available to address those issues whenever time permits. 





For this class, you will need the following:


  • 1 - 2 inch binder
  • Tabs & Dividers
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Ink pens (black/blue)
  • Ear buds
  • Hi-liters
  • 3 composition notebooks (for journaling)
  • Disinfecting Wet Wipes
  • Facial Tissue (3)
  • Paper Towels (2)




Collections 1: Bold Actions

In this collection, you will explore what it means to face challenges fearlessly, even if it means failing in the attempt.



Collections 2: Perception and Reality

In this collection, you will explore how things in life are not always how we perceive them to be.


Collections 3: Nature at Work

In this collection, you will explore the beauty, power and mystery of nature.




Collections 4: Risk and Exploration

In this collection, you will encounter individuals who must confront a compelling question: How far is too far?


Collections 5: The Stuff of Consumer Culture

In this collection, you will take a look at our consumer culture and consider the question: How much is enough?


Collection 6: Guided by a Cause

In this collection, you will consider the question: What inspires people to take action to improve their world?


Please understand that the units may or may not be taught in sequence.  It is left to the teacher’s discretion as a means of determining the best path to achieve mastery.







Mrs. N. S. Johnson

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Natasha Smith Johnson

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